My name is Horace Barbetti I am the CEO and founder of HBAviation Inc.


I started working on airplanes in the early 1970's with the Aero Clubs Planes,
because my love and passion for Aviation, I continued working on Bonanzas and Barons Airplanes.

As time went by, I started specializing in AEROSTARS Restoring and Selling them.
It is a great airplane with good systems, a fast way of transportation, excellent IFR platform.

In 1990 I experienced the need to fly Jets and started my ventures of importing L39C jets, I would say I am one of the first persons that dealt with the Russian Air Force and my relation with them was a great experience. I ended up visiting the L39 School and spent some time learning the systems and flying their Jets. We have two L39 Jets for sale at

I personally Fly test my airplanes because if is safe for me to fly it will be safer for the buyer to take it home.

I will deliver anywhere in the FREE WORLD at no extra charge.

Horace Barbetti